Musée cantonal des beaux-arts de Lausanne 
18.06.2021 - 29.08.2021

Sandrine Pelletier. The Crystal Jaw

Prix Gustave Buchet 2021

Sandrine Pelletier. 8e Prix Buchet


Praktische Informationen

Sandrine Pelletier explores matter and its potential for alteration. Wood, ceramic, glass, metal and mirror are the areas of a physical, sensual research that falls between craftsmanship and alchemy. Through the manipulation and transformation of these materials, the artist sparks a reflection on the passing of time, the ruin, and the trace.

Sandrine Pelletier’s work for Espace Projet, which she produced with the assistance of the master glassmaker Pascal Moret, is the result of her most recent material experiments while it brings together her experiences in Egypt  and Lebanon, the acquaintances and friends she made in those places, and the knowledge she acquired there; the images from marginal literature and horror movies; and finally the history of the garden, the aesthetic site of artificiality. Making good use of modified broken white glass laboratory plates, the artist composes a landscape of glints and reflections through which visitors make their way, as if entering the different layers of the site, which would normally be invisible. The mirrors reflect the image of the audience and send it back in a fragmented form, fully integrating it with the environment, whose beauty is that of a place fated to disappear.

Production: in collaboration with Pascal Moret, master glassmaker

Curation: Laurence Schmidlin