Animals of the world

Permanent exhibition

Musée cantonal de zoologie
Exposition permanente Vitrine des félins M. Krafft MZL
Exposition permanente Vitrine des félins M. Krafft MZL

Inspired by the museography of the 19th or even 18th century, the permanent exhibition has a certain charm, with antique showcases and hand-written labels.

North and south galleries

The largest in terms of surface area and animals on display, this exhibition systematically presents the main groups of vertebrate animals found on our planet.


The museum has a small but very valuable collection of extinct animals. A room is dedicated to them and provides an overview of the current threats to biodiversity and ways to preserve it. 

Comparative anatomy room

Intended for university teaching, this "museum of the museum" has undergone few modifications and offers an impressive spectacle of rows of jars, skeletons and two-headed monsters. An area is dedicated to cryptozoology, a branch of biology that studies animals that we are not sure exist. The best known are the yeti, the bigfoot or the Loch Ness monster.