ArchéoLab is an interactive place for curious children to discover archaeology. It allows them to step into the shoes of an archaeologist and journey to the Roman era. 

ArchéoLab is a place of discovery for curious children, with a calendar of exhibitions that allow visitors to step into the shoes of an archaeologist and journey to the Roman era. Visitors are offered a true journey through time. 

Archaeologists in the making are welcomed to the Lab, a 21st-century research facility where they can experience the scientific side to the profession: like real little prehistorians, they study archaeological finds recently extracted from the earth with the help of trowels, tweezers, microscopes and X rays. Equipped with their new knowledge and their discovery kit, they are then ready for their journey through time. At Archéo, located in the remains of the villa, young visitors find themselves in the Roman era and experience the daily lives of people from the past in a fun and lively way. 

Numerous activity stations such as the enigmas surrounding the five senses, experiments, multimedia and games allow small visitors to experience the exhibition’s theme for themselves thanks to the direct relationship between the objects and their historical and cultural context. 

ArchéoLab also hosts fun afternoons for small children, older children and families, courses during the school holidays and special activities for classes, and is a unique place to celebrate your birthday! Our programme of activities: here