f'ar - Forum d'architectures

The f’ar is a forum for sharing ideas and presenting the culture of the built environment, bridging the gap between professionals and various audiences.

A focal point for architectural issues

Whether they relate to urban development, the environment, societal questions or form, the issues raised by architecture in the broad sense affect us all. Comparing professional opinions from various areas (from architecture in the strict sense of the word, to civil engineering, materials science and landscape design) helps to feed the public debate.

The Forum d’architectures presents authors, plans and completed projects in the fields of visual expression and urban culture to both professionals and the public. Twice a year, in spring and autumn (including Museums Night), it organises a major exhibition as an opportunity for those with an interest in the field to discuss a theoretical or topical subject. It also hosts a wide range of events including lectures, debates, round tables and workshops on the culture of the built environment.

A permanent space, including a bookshop and access to various guides to Lausanne, is open on Saturdays all year round. Admission is free and open to all. The f’ar is one of the 17 founder members of the Fondation pour la Culture du Bâti – CUB.