Musée de l'immigration

The Musée de l’Immigration was created in 2005. Here you can discover not the history of migration, but individual, human stories of migration.

The Musée de l’Immigration was created by the artist and teacher Ernesto Ricou. The exhibition space and collection were created in order to promote multiculturalism. The visit is punctuated with suitcases in which memories, journeys and objects are carefully preserved, giving form to the intimate, immaterial aspects of migration. They symbolise what people left behind, their most precious possessions on arrival, and that which enriches their lives as they remain. By opening the suitcases, we begin a dialogue about the trials and riches of migration and journeys towards integration, with adults and children alike.

Through its approach, the Musée de l’Immigration hopes to raise awareness of questions regarding migration and multiculturalism, but also highlight plural identities and improve cross-community dialogue. It also wishes to develop a spirit of tolerance, transmit respect for the host country and promote the integration of migrants into their new society, with a view to building bridges between the original culture and the host culture. Finally, one of the museum’s aims is to reassert the value of memory through a collection of witness accounts, objects and documents.